Space Quiz

Challenge Overview

This week’s E-Learning design challenge asked instructional designers to make an articulate storyline template or interaction using Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue, as the sole design inspiration. The color made me think of outer space… those lovely deep shades of blue… so naturally, I made this little astronomy quiz. All questions and feedback came from this buzz feed article by Kelly Oakes.

Design Elements

I like modern UI design, which includes flat line art imagery and simple lines. Classic blue has a nice matte finish to it, so I only chose matte color combinations in the assets I used. I have a paid membership with Flat Icon where the majority of my flat icon assets come from.

Sound FX
I am a very strong believer in incorporating UI sound effects in all of my E-Learning courses and interactions. Here I used sound FX for “mouse hover” actions and “mouse click” actions. I also added a moody, atmospheric sci-fi sound track to boost my astronomy theme. I have a paid membership through Epidemic Sound where I find all of my UI/UX sound FX as well as sound track music.

Articulate Player
I admittedly don’t like the native articulate player, so I usually remove them and program my own navigation and controls into the course. I removed this player by selecting the “modern” player, then turning off all controls.

Google Spreadsheets Top Ten Leaderboard
I took this opportunity to also learn how to code in a JavaScript triggered Top Ten Leaderboard! I following this amazing tutorial by James Kingsley, and it worked like a charm.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!