Camera Setting Tutorial Interaction

Challenge Overview

This week’s E-Learning design challenge asked instructional designers to make a simple articulate storyline interaction to teach users how to understand their camera settings. I decided to start with the most fundamental camera settings that users can customize to improve their shots; iso, aperture (also called “f-stop”), and shutter speed.

Design Elements

I found a few simple scenery illustrations on iStock, two in the daytime and one at night to highlight the usefulness of iso settings.

Sound FX
I am a very strong believer in incorporating UI sound effects in all of my E-Learning courses and interactions. Here I used sound FX for “mouse hover” actions and a camera shutter sound FX for finding the correct setting. I also added a cheery, uplifting sound track to make the interaction a bit more entertaining. I have a paid membership through Epidemic Sound where I find all of my UI/UX sound FX as well as sound track music.

Articulate Player
I admittedly don’t like the native articulate player, so I usually remove them and program my own navigation and controls into the course. I removed this player by selecting the “modern” player, then turning off all controls.

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